Listen Is Now Available

Earthen Witch, Updates

Listen is now available at most online retailers, including iBooks, Barnes And Noble, and Kobo! Find the links here. Because my books are free, Amazon won’t add them to their catalog, but if you have a Kindle, you can find mobi files at Smashwords!

If you enjoy it, I encourage you to leave a review on Goodreads and your preferred retailer!


54 thoughts on “Listen Is Now Available

    1. Aww thanks. You’re so kind to me. 🙂 I remember your initial reaction to the cover, but once I explained the symbolic nature of it, you were on board 100%. I’m always happy for that. Especially since you don’t technically fall within my “target audience”. 🙂

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      1. Hi Sarah, Yes, I’ve read the first book then part of the second, then I got side tracked when someone insisted (and got me) “The Hunger Games” which I read and digested as an allegory of where we are socially and politically plunging into. Here’s the list I made of your books now, but to keep the straight, I need to put some order to that list. Do you have the “ordered” reading list on your blog?
        Focus; Dream Spell; Home; Just Breathe; Listen; Zoe; The Silence Between Moonbeams

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      2. If you want chronological order by the time in which everything takes place, you’ll want to read in this order: Zoe, Dream Spell, Just Breathe, Focus, Home, Listen. Zoe is more of a prequel, and Dream Spell doesn’t really tie into the main story line. Those can be read anytime. And in terms of The Silence Between Moonbeams, that’s a poetry chapbook, which has nothing to do with the fiction universe. So that’s also an any day read. It’s also not very long. 😊 I hope that helps!


      3. Yes, thank you for the sequence. I know “The Silence…” is a poetry book – been reading through it. Your intro made me see tears – and a hell of a lot of anger – which is good to feel, a reminder of Earthian reality. So what I’m going to do now is start from the beginning, and read through all the books, without interruption this time. In Summer it’s harder because being outside a lot, I read paper backs, but now I can read epub books all I want – at home on the computers, or if out, on an old phone I use as a tablet. So… here we go. And personally I LOVE your covers. I have a friend who also does his own covers and I think you guys are amazing with Photoshop. I used to do a lot of graphic designing with Corel Draw and Photo-Paint but now not enough time.


    1. I had a feeling as much. It did sting a little, but for a guy, he’s not my target audience.

      I am considering potentially doing a woman standing by herself, if I ever relaunch the series, because they’re technically not romance (the stories are driven by external forces, I just include the ‘scenes’). But I’ve heard of writers like Jory Strong taking a lot of heat for ‘misleading’ her readers by doing that. So I’m undecided.

      But, I’ve taken great care to make the covers as symbolic as possible. The colors are a representation of the auras that encompasses the whole story. 😊

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      1. Yep, each cover is colorful because it’s a representation of the overall feel from the book — the emotions that sort of encompass it all. Home doesn’t have much in the way of auras because of Angela, but it’s still symbolic. And, of course Zoe is mostly black, but that should make sense. 🙂

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      1. It definitely is. I had one person (that I know of) say that it was lame, but I can’t please everyone. To anyone that hasn’t read the books, they’re actually quite symbolic to the feel of the story.😊

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