After all the hearts you
shattered just to satiate
your desires, it was time
for someone to devour
yours while it still beat
within your chest.

© Sarah Doughty


58 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. yes I am hurt and it still causes pain
    you have taken light and filled darkness in my life
    the love of my life as if my biggest mistakes
    gives me tears and treats me as hell
    I sometimes think why didn’t you try
    at least I was worth your goodbye
    but one thing let this heart tell you
    may you be blessed with love and light
    what happened to my heart may never come to you
    may never ever you shed tears for been broken by

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  2. An anthem for all those who think it’s no ‘big’ deal to hurt another, and they should just ‘get over it’ because that’s what they want, and they have no way to consider what others want, because they put themselves first. NO MORE ACCEPTABLE than the Narcissist who stares lovingly at his or her own reflection, oblivious of the suffering it may wrought upon others. WELL SAID! xox

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