45 thoughts on “If You Knew

  1. What a perfectly penned poem. I am going to reblog this tomorrow during the day (It is 11:22 pm now). For some reason, I am not seeing your posts. Is there a way to receive emails when you post?

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    1. I appreciate your viewpoint. Though this wasn’t about a broken relationship, I agree that clinging after months would be wrong.

      In this case, I was referring to a mutual, respectful relationship between colleagues (with nothing romantic), that was gone the instant I purchased some of his work. The whole respectful friendship was false.

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      1. Ha. I wish I could. I spent money (which is in short supply in this family) and my family enjoys the pieces on display. Plus, publicly burning it would be quite offensive if he saw it. I’m not vindictive like that, but the thought is tempting. It reminds me a little of high school and how some of my friends were treated. As soon as the guy ‘scored’ he was gone. All that false effort just for the goal. It’s sad really. I feel worse that I didn’t see it for what it was until after. Even now, I feel like it would be wrong to hit that unfollow button, because he might feel bad. I’m a strange person.

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      2. It’s not often I encounter someone so empathetic and thoughtful.
        I tend advocate vindictive behaviour because I know I would never do it myself.
        If you’re strange, then so am I. Just try not to let people walk all over you. If you allow it to occur too much, then it will never end.
        Trust is abusable, but so is empathy.

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  2. The answer to that, were it not a rhetorical question, would be, “No.” People who indulge in judging others so as to debase them are psychopaths, and one thing we know about them: they have no empathy. They are not in the least bothered by the trail of pain and tears they leave in their wake, just as long as they get what they want.

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    1. Unfortunately that’s very true. I’m the one sitting here thinking that if I cut ties to this person, he would most likely notice, and perhaps even feel bad. But logically, that is crap. I just bring myself to hit that unfollow button.


  3. If she cared
    She wouldn’t hurt
    She didn’t even look back
    Smiles couldn’t hold her
    My Soul said to my tears
    How can you hold her
    Your wings are wounded
    But you have learned
    Love is a mystery dear
    Hurt is mixed in joy
    Pleasure covered by pain
    When now you experience both
    Wings will heal again
    Bird you will fly again

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