Your darkness held my attention,
and everywhere your eyes
lingered, my skin tingled as if
it were your hands.
Something deep down
whispered a warning,
but I didn’t mind.

ยฉ Sarah Doughty


63 thoughts on “Seductions”

      1. I wasn’t reading into this, because I was thinking that there are lovers of mine that would have felt this way. The danger would have been of their choosing and never to the point of harm, but that frission of fear would have been present.

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      2. BDSM wasn’t what I was referring to. In consensual relationships, I see no issues with it. Nor do I see it as dark or evil. This is more referring to the impending heartbreak, they know it will come, and the pain that will come with it, but in the moment, it doesn’t matter.

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    1. Definitely hard it is Sir….. Need to trust the gut they say and trust whatever happens was to happen…. No mistakes by life so no mistake by us….. We fall down and stand to walk again…. We do mistakes so that we learn and move into the life.
      (hope it was okay I commented back… Hope no offences taken)

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      1. They will be…… We create our World…. The way we are the way people will be…. Once the we who are transformed… There will be a beautiful World, as beautiful as the Earth we are on.

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  1. Feeling your presence
    In air and sound
    Touch of breeze feels as if yours
    Voice of Nature seems yours
    The dark clouds went by
    As thought of you came in
    Moon you are the reason
    Why this sun shines so bright

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