Without Reason

I didn’t need a reason
to see her beauty under
the moon’s soft glow.

© Sarah Doughty


110 thoughts on “Without Reason”

    1. I remember when I was inspired to write this piece. It was a full moon and the light streamed through the window onto my dog. She’s a border collie, but her markings are similar to a rottweiler. I remember seeing how that low light shimmered off her black hair as she laid, curled into a ball. That illumination shifted with every breath she took. I’ve always thought she was beautiful, and in many ways I think she’s saved me more than I saved her, but in that moment, I saw her in a new light. It just gave me another reason (and no particular reason) to appreciate how she’s changed my life for the better.

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  1. I didn’t need a reason
    To see her beauty under
    The moon’s soft glow…

    It was her rival,
    And her rival fell
    In a defeated obeisance
    Gifting her the arcane
    Of the light
    That only lovers know.

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      1. So sweet and kind of you for saying that………. We Indians believe if you sit near a person or reading what the other writes, even if color does not change your thoughts can develop and change….. Thus reading your beautiful sweet lovely words I guess my inner self was able to express something out which though not as beautiful as you and your words but yet have a bit of emotions alike….

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      2. I never think I am and my words are less powerful I only appreciate others and their words more…. This way the Ego does not get energy and I can be more receptive…..
        So sweet lovely of you for saying those kind hearted words… So very grateful to you and Source that you both allowed me to meet a great lovely beautiful Soul on the journey of life.

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      1. The taste of love is mystery
        I knew not before
        Dark demons resided deep
        Your light removed those
        Filling me with love
        Your light is blessing
        You making me yours
        Is more then I could ask.

        (loved your words Chris)

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      2. Tiss i love your words also!

        i be born or e´er begot
        tiss our love, to thee end
        an taste of life, forever more!
        Those demons descend
        into their bed of death..
        Harmonious sunshine,
        hidden soft liquid beams,
        illuminating, our daydreams
        till our days of rest!

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      3. We are an art in the living
        Life living through us
        Colors of Nature within
        Bliss flowing out
        As we paint the white sheets
        To show beauty to the world
        We all are beautiful
        As we all are one
        Just trying different color
        To see a different rainbow

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      4. Dancing within words, is truly an enjoyment within you!

        Answering Poem

        Blinking blind eyes,
        living art,
        flowing nature,
        the silencing
        of a baby’s cry…

        Storming beauty
        of invisible colour..
        We’re are one
        teaching love,
        to each other!


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      5. We are love
        All is love
        Giving what we get
        Spreading what we need
        We smiling first
        Spreading the smiles
        To be blessed with smiles
        The silence within
        Needs to be heard
        We are more then this body
        Creator within
        Time for it to come out
        Bless self and bless others
        Fill ones life and make life of others colourful

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      6. Waiting and seeing
        Is all we do
        Not seeing what we waiting for
        Time to spread like fire
        In the jungles now.
        Is what this Soul is desiring
        Yes right you are
        We need to do some quite work
        Painting is patience
        As love it is
        Creator is patience
        As creation is
        Full of colors we need to be
        To spread fragrance of love
        Once we are colorful
        All black and white will be rainbow

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      7. well killing a child within
        to make society accept us
        are we for them or ourselves Chris
        let our mind heart soul open
        let us color with what we have
        those who open their heart
        will see we have nothing wrong
        we are what we are
        want them to be true them
        taking off mask off society
        the child will dance again

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