Without Reason

I didn’t need a reason
to see her beauty under
the moon’s soft glow.

© Sarah Doughty


110 thoughts on “Without Reason

    • I remember when I was inspired to write this piece. It was a full moon and the light streamed through the window onto my dog. She’s a border collie, but her markings are similar to a rottweiler. I remember seeing how that low light shimmered off her black hair as she laid, curled into a ball. That illumination shifted with every breath she took. I’ve always thought she was beautiful, and in many ways I think she’s saved me more than I saved her, but in that moment, I saw her in a new light. It just gave me another reason (and no particular reason) to appreciate how she’s changed my life for the better.

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  1. I didn’t need a reason
    To see her beauty under
    The moon’s soft glow…

    It was her rival,
    And her rival fell
    In a defeated obeisance
    Gifting her the arcane
    Of the light
    That only lovers know.

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