His Kiss

His fangs descended and
gaze lingered on my neck
I shivered, tilting my head
to the side, granting him access.

ยฉ Sarah Doughty


26 thoughts on “His Kiss”

  1. Granting access to me
    As I am granted my wish
    The lips on your neck
    Causes shivering in me too
    As we get more closer
    Becoming one of two
    Life is love they say
    Love is what we are making
    To live life now

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      1. Yes, when done well, it is amazing. It’s something I’ve toyed with, but never produced much that I like. I may be too long winded for micropoetry ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I do think one of the challenges of any good poetry is knowing where to stop. Say too much and you can ruin a good poem. Don’t say enough, it feels like a fragment. It’s something I still struggle with from time to time. Good micropoetry is impressive because it feels complete even if it’s only a few lines long.

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