Empty Eyes

The chasm of your eyes
devoured the moon,
and pulled me deeper
into oblivion,
but I didn’t mind.

© Sarah Doughty


29 thoughts on “Empty Eyes”

  1. I didn’t mind

    Life was taking new meaning
    Our souls feeling complete
    When we’re together, I never felt defeated
    But life goes through changes
    New adventures to see
    Accepting the life
    To be a better person
    Knowing someone loved me
    And I love that one

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  2. the sexual innuendos in this piece – chasm, eyes, devoured, moon, pulled, deeper, and oblivion, is brilliantly breathtaking. one look, and he/she could taste the sultriness of the desirous thoughts on his/her mind.

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    1. I totally missed that; I have always been that way. I guess I just wear a different set of glasses. I did reread and I have to agree with you, but I’ll add that it is a beautiful piece either way you read it.

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