Unbreak My Heart

Photo credit the lovely Jessica of @rusticbones

Magic lies within the soul, the thing that allows us to breathe. To feel. To be. It’s almost tangible, like the grainy sweetness of a pear, or the gentle rippling of a body of water. It’s the freedom to choose your path and live with the choices you’ve made. But it’s also understanding when you’re wrong, and doing something about it. The beauty of magic is having second chances. To prove that love knows no bounds. That our hearts can find each other in the dark. And it can restore your faith in the magic we share.

Β© Sarah Doughty

33 thoughts on “Unbreak My Heart”

      1. We all appreciate love, but I must pop to bed now since I’ve just bashed out a poem for next week like a trouper though it’s not perfect, it’s certainly seasonal. Vampy one on Sunday. Ttyl!

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      1. My comment was very unclear. What I meant by “clicked” was I just made the connection of “unbreak” and second chances. I had a headache at the time and I guess I was a little slow:-)

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  1. Your description of tangible is a beautiful turn of phrase. I too am a believer in second chances in life. They do not always turn out to be what we want, but at least the opportunity is there if we choose to take it.

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  2. everything you’ve written is true. but this, “understanding when you’re wrong, and doing something about it,” for me, is one of the most important elements of love. thanks for sharing this beautiful piece on what keeps love going.

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