You stripped away the pieces
of my shattered existence
until my soul was laid bare,
ready for fate to claim me.

© Sarah Doughty

For the ‘Support Insta Writers’ August Prompts
(based on books written by authors in the IG community)
hosted by Tracy and Journee.

Stripped Souls by @saccheenlaing_poet

39 thoughts on “Stripped”

  1. With words like “stripped” and “laid bare,” I believe this poem expresses a longing to return to the state of being that we (humans) were originally created in: Naked without shame. (Genesis 2:25)

    Though, the nakedness the poet is talking about isn’t physical nakedness.

    We were not meant to hide, to cover ourselves, to build barriers — the beauty of our body and soul, the beauty of our humanity, was laid bare for all to see and God said it was “very good.”

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