Hunting Season

He’s always on the prowl
for another lover, like it’s a game.
Before they know it, they’re
caught with no will to escape.
“So, tell me,” he grins, “who’s next?”

Ā© Sarah Doughty

For the ‘Support Insta Writers’ August Prompts
(based on books written by authors in the IG community)
hosted by Tracy and Journee.

Hate Me Like Lovers Do by @bohemian_blad3s


37 thoughts on “Hunting Season”

  1. It makes you wonder at his motivation. Is he not finding what he’s looking for, is he looking for the challenge of seduction, or is his job to find lovers, like they’re an assignment. I could see this as he is supposed to find those who need just that little bit of love in their lives. He whirls into their lives, showing them what is possible, then just as swiftly departs before they can become too attached.

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    1. See, that is exactly what I was after! Someone who would wonder about why rather than assuming he didn’t care. Everyone has a motivation to do the things they do, and yet, rather than figure it out we often assume. Thank you!

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      1. When I played an online text-based role playing game, I played a former pleasure slave who had been bred for pleasure and to serve women. He grew up thinking it was his duty to bring love and passion to women, so he was always looking for someone to needed that passion.

        It’s one of those books I’ve been trying to write as well that’s been a struggle.

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      2. I generally write as the story comes to me. I have an overall story in mind and I know some of where things should go. But for this particular story, I really need to give it an outline and figure out what I want to do with it. I have a lot of history from the game and several amazing stories that happened there, but they don’t translate well into a novel. Maybe I just make it a bunch of short stories…

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    1. Indeed. The idea came to me whole watching The Good Guy. The narrator (the bad guy) was dishonest in his own narrative and untrustworthy throughout the movie, but I found the approach to be a refreshing change to how dramas tend to go.

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      1. Neat-o. Isn’t it cool when you see something that’s so unlike most everything else? Doesn’t happen often. So I usually just watch Turner Classic Movies. (No one would ever know that I’m 27.)

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      1. hope itself is a thought which we develop thinking maybe not now later or maybe I will be lucky next time……hope is another name of thought given by our own mind…..hehe our mind is really very cunning and clever

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