Waking Nightmare

She wore a mask of artificial beauty, meant to fool everyone into thinking she was perfect. I glimpsed her true face once, seeing her devilish teeth bared and her jagged claws ready. I was powerless to stop her and it was like a waking nightmare that would never end.

Β© Sarah Doughty

For the ‘Support Insta Writers’ August Prompts
(based on books written by authors in the IG community)
hosted by Tracy and Journee.

My North Star Misled Me by @mynorthstarmisledme


54 thoughts on “Waking Nightmare”

  1. It is not only she or me, it is with everybody who has been brought up by a hypocritical society.From our very childhood we have been taught to wear masks, beautiful masks.
    We can smile and talk, and we just manage, knowing well that this is a mask. When the man goes we once again become sad again. That was just a social formality. The word “personality” itself has to be understood. It comes from persona; persona means mask and we go on creating personality.

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