The sound of his voice
was like nothing I ever
heard before. Its deep
resonance was soothing
as he sang in soft tones.
It calmed my jittery
nerves in seconds.

© Sarah Doughty

For the Word-High July Prompts
of Filipino words,
hosted by Rosema and Maria.

Harana – (n.) wooing by serenade

38 thoughts on “Serenades”

  1. LOVING the musicality of this word. I apparently have a calming voice, people keep asking me to read poetry and do voiceovers! I’ve yet to meet my opposite as described above. 🙂

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  2. “And then I listened more closely and… Oh, shit, it’s the fridge on the defrost cycle…”

    The Devil made me write that, Sarah. I’m enjoying all your little zappers, even if I don’t “like” or comment on each one. You can do so much with so few words: a No Bell Prize for you as the Word Conservationist Communicator of the century. Congratulations! (And that’s a prize I could never, ever, aspire to win myself… 🙂 If you’d been serving on a destroyer during WWII, they would have put you in the radio shack doing Morse code. In ten seconds you’d have sent a message another sender would take a minute to figure out.

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