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I was standing in an alley lit by that same eerie sepia light. Like the sun was permanently at the cusp of twilight, just setting over the horizon. Deep shadows cast over everything and even the bits of trash that littered the dirty street looked devoid of most of their color.

The Spirit Realm.

Β© Sarah Doughty
A quote from Home,
book one of the
Earthen Witch World Novels.

For the Word-High July Prompts
of Filipino words,
hosted by Rosema and Maria.

Tapiksilim – (n.) twilight, dusk

46 thoughts on “Sepia”

  1. I’ve been reading ‘Just Breathe’ this week. Very well-written prose and it’s generous of you to distribute it free considering that it is more fluently expressed than some of the other writing that’s around- both free and for sale. Is it supposed to be the same genre as ‘Twilight?’ It would fit very well on the TV.

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    1. Twilight is going adult urban fantasy. My books are adult urban fantasy romance (I’m sure you’ve noticed the romantic elements are more in depth). And I share my writing for free because it’s my therapy. Many people read for the same. So I don’t want cost to prevent them from it. I imagine everything playing out like a movie in my head as I write, so perhaps one day I’ll see it on screen. I’m honored by the kind words. Thank you so much. 😊😊

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      1. The one I was a big fan of at one time was ‘Buffy’, but we don’t need to worry about their exact genre. What I liked the most about yours was the grain of truth in using correct aura colours, so it made the fantasy parts more believable.

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      2. Yes, you’re right, Buffy was young adult urban fantasy, if it was looked at from a literary standpoint, like Twilight. And i’m honored. Thank you. The goal was to make everything seem as vividly real as possible, even with all the fantastical things happening, I still wanted readers to feel like they were living it. It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers that they’ve experienced it. 😊😊😊


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