Pleading With Death

I lost track of how
many times I begged
for death to take me away
from all the pain,
but he never answered my call.

Β© Sarah Doughty

For the Word-High July Prompts
of Filipino words,
hosted by Rosema and Maria.

Pagsamo – (n.) the act of pleading


62 thoughts on “Pleading With Death”

    1. Oooh, I love that! 😊 And thanks for the love. Some people believe when I write dark, I feel dark and it’s bad for my health. But I rather enjoy it. It doesn’t make me feel dark. Although, if I’m writing my books, I become my heroine, and I feel what they feel. So sometimes that’s rough. But in the end, it’s healing. πŸ’•

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      1. Oh thank you! I can relate. Before this challenge (that made me write a lot of cheesy pieces) my fictions are mostly dark but that doesn’t mean i am in a bad state.
        i am glad writing do that to you, Sarah. ❀

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    1. One of the reasons why I write is to share with people little pieces of my past. Not everything I write is fiction, and this is one of those. In addition, even though what I write is often very raw and emotive, I aim to show people that they aren’t alone.

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    1. Technically, this is in reference to my childhood, but writing has always been my passion. I just never had the courage or the tools to do it until late summer 2014. So, by not answering, it forced me to learn how to survive. And now, even though I’m struggling, I am still surviving. Thank you.

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