Time Bomb

time bomb

The vein protruded from his forehead and I could see the ire behind his eyes as he looked right through me. I knew what was coming, yet I was frozen in place, trying not to panic as I waited for him to blow.

© Sarah Doughty

For the Word-High July Prompts
of Filipino words,
hosted by Rosema and Maria.

Silakbo – (n.) emotional outburst


32 thoughts on “Time Bomb”

    1. That’s very true. In my case, I was too young and weak to do anything else. Now, if I would be in such a situation, I’m conditioned to have the same response. Though, it hasn’t been tested, I would hope I would have the strength to fight back to protect myself and/or my family. 💕

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  1. The imagery was just too powerful. I felt the fear in these few words. I just hope these kinds of horrors will stop, and that no more will be victimized.

    This is powerful literature, Sarah 🙂

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  2. Moving in a paradoxical sense. I wish she moved away ….Yet freeze is often a visceral response to an assault that one has learnt to expect …the throbbing vein …is a nuance that adds a throb of reality to the few words rendering power to the threat. Picture is well placed !
    Loved it.

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  3. For those of us on the other side of this dynamic, angry and on the verge of losing control, it is good to understand the consequences of this anger and its effect on others. Step outside yourself and view how others see you, feel what others feel. If you feel shame, you have a conscience, but that’s not enough. You need to change.

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      1. True. Writing is very therapeutic to me. It’s not just something I love yet was told I’d never be able to do let alone have talent. Kind people like you show me that there’s power behind my words. I’m humbled and honored by that.


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