Melancholic Wanderlust

The wanderlust flowing
through my veins
forced me to search
for a home I knew
I’d never find.

Β© Sarah Doughty


48 thoughts on “Melancholic Wanderlust

  1. This gives me chills, I can relate to.that kind of.wanderlust! I thought I had found it up in Michigan, but realize now.that’s too far away from my kids and my heart would hurt too much to be that far away from them. The way it hurts now to be far away from the man I love, even though we don’t know if we will ever be together again.

    I love your style of short poems with great impact. I also like to steer away from words which would make it more difficult for the average person to grasp. Reaching many is more important, right? You’re truly an inspiration!

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  2. Some of us do find it, and are often surprised to discover it isn’t of this universe, nor is it some pre-fabricated religious heaven/hell condo! Reminds me of that old saw, “Home is where the heart is.”

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