Blue Fire

Blue fire flashed across the sky,
snaking through the swirling,
inky clouds that floated above
the ocean at the end of the lane.
A rumbling thunder that tasted
of smoke and honey
left behind a thick molasses
of silence and the heat of tinged air.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #MayBookPrompts – The Ocean At The End Of The Lane


28 thoughts on “Blue Fire”

  1. This is so gorgeous! It’s like the beginning of a dream novel I would read on vacation! I love that you have thunder the tasty tactile quality of honey, and followed it up by making silence a molasses😀

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    1. I’ve always loved the concept of synaethesia and the way it can change the meaning of stories. It makes them more tangible and vivid. And it definitely sounds like a great start to a novel. I’ll keep this in mind! 😊

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