The bones of the fallen —
the very spirits that haunt this land —
are my kindling. Their inky ectoplasms,
my potion. With a bubbling boil,
this alchemy of justice I have created —
bringing death to the ones that terrorize
the meek — my will be done.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #MayBookPrompts – Library Of Souls

33 thoughts on “Alchemy”

  1. “Alchemy of justice ” This unique combination of words , made me realize that justice is man made , hence fallible. “Those who terrorize the meek ” again , it is perhaps only in Bible that meek inherited the earth. ” My will be done” that was powerful. I salute.

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  2. Hello darling,

    Long time since our paths crossed!

    A little something, you may moderate;

    Brittle bones, those humans
    whom lost their spirit..
    All while drifting throughout heaven,
    their bodies buried
    in the dead earth sand..
    As i savour
    their tasteless ectoplasms
    mixing in my rum an a little laughter..
    As i savour every moment
    all while they terrorize
    honest souls, quietly walking
    about my land…

    That is my wish!

    kisses chris jensen (darkprince)

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