Monochromatic Death

Looking through your sightless,
vacant eyes, I could feel you
sucking my soul out of me.
I never felt so cold in my life.
But then again, it was
the last thing I ever felt.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #MayBookPrompts – As I Lay Dying


20 thoughts on “Monochromatic Death”

  1. The more I read the poem, the more it seems to be about the self. And the final sensation. Simply a reader response. Not the truth for all time, I’m sure.

    Thanks for literally thought-provoking (-evoking) work!

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    1. It’s mostly about fighting inner demons, facing death, and then accepting it. There’s also something similar that happens in my books, when dark witches basically steal the life from others for a power boost. But the main goal is always to make readers feel like they’re experiencing it. Thank you!


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