Black Feathers

My white wings
were clipped
but some black
feathers are growing
in their place.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #MayBookPrompts – Fifty Shades Of Freedom


27 thoughts on “Black Feathers”

    1. Thank you! The caption on my instagram post sort of hammers the idea in. Lol. “I might look like a weird bird right now, but eventually, I’ll be transformed into a Raven and I’ll tap, tap, tap on your chamber door… in hell.

      Because I’ll be free from you and all you ever did to me.”

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  1. Oh-oh… somebody’s going to be in deep shit when those black feathers are full grown!!! Way to go Sarah, like a tree, if you can’t grow straight, grow crooked, but grow! The crooked trees may have less commercial value, but they are the ones with character, and often live longer too.

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