Divine Carcass

divine carcass

An outpouring of my lungs as I screamed into the sterile, silent air that hung over me like a thick, humid cloud sounded like the wildest battle cry of a murder of vehement crows, attacking anything and everything that threatened their next meal of a divine carcass, left like an offering to the gods.

Β© Sarah Doughty

For the #MayBookPrompts – The Sound And The Fury
Photo credit Pixabay, the edit is mine.

Again, apologies for no Him post today.
The migraines have persisted.
I hope to be back next Saturday with another installment.
Until then, feel free to catch up here.


27 thoughts on “Divine Carcass”

  1. Vultures… I think of them. You know it’s funny, people love Eagles, the sign of America, their soaring and temperament. But growing up in Alaska, miles back in the tundra, being abused, often the eagle reminds me of that, because they were everywhere. It was the main bird preset along with the ptarmigan. But I still find them majestic and beautiful, just like your words.

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      1. I’m happy to hear that. I’ve been having a rough couple weeks. All I want to do is get back to writing or editing, but I’ve felt so awful I haven’t been able to. I’m hoping that rereading my books will help until I feel better.

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      2. It’s tough I know. I do a lot of stream of consciousness writing during those times. You probably have your own coping methods. SOC writing is a way of emotion letting for me which often helps me regain focus. I hope that your flow returns for you and that you love yourself until… 🌼

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  2. I am happy you liked my blog post. I would have never found you any other way. I am going to read all your books. Review them and share the hell out of them. I love your work that I have seen on your page. YOU ARE AMAZING.

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  3. Your posts blow me away (in a good sense).
    Wish you a strong health and your migraines leaving you. Take care.
    Relax, I’d love for you to post more soon, but there is also so much good stuff in your previous posts!!!

    All the best, cheers,
    Divine Decay

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  4. A very powerful message of living on the edge. A fight against death , the most precariously alive predicament. I can smell death and feel the pulse , hear the scream, see the crows…..

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