Death’s Door

Death's Doors

Darkness entombs my heart like a corset, constricting tighter with every beat. My lungs struggle to pull in sweet air, and it burns with the acid that flows through my veins. A mouth, neither heard, nor seen, screams breathlessly in desperation. As my body slowly dies, my thoughts are plagued. This sickness that prevails, like the last dying embers of a long forgotten fire. Too many questions, never any answers. Too many things left to experience, never enough time to do them. And as I take my last breath, feeling my heart beat its last, one, last thought passes through me:

I’ll never be ready.

Β© Sarah Doughty

For the #MayBookPrompts – Desperation
Photo credit Pixabay, the edit is mine.


48 thoughts on “Death’s Door”

  1. It takes a lot of courage to embrace the darkness and demand answers about your existence all the time peering over the brink. The photo speaks to me in a different way. I can see a bicycle tipped on its side, but first look evoked high leg kick of Juan Marichal.

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      1. It takes constant practice, and at first it’ll be horrible (it always is) but you’ll find your voice and you’ll learn to use it. Then, when you feel comfortable, like you aren’t challenged, change it up and try something new.

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      1. Yeah, those words perfectly capture my need for wanting to carry on but not being able to quite make it. I’m sure I will soon.

        You are a beautiful writer πŸ™‚

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  2. Dear Sarah , a truly meaningful picture. Impossible to express death or understand that state of non existence while so many emotions are raging.
    Dying to live is better than living to die …..
    You are so alive , is all that I felt reading this

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  3. Hello, Sarah, how are you?

    Just read several of your posts, as you can tell. Read this one twice.

    These are provocative. And I’m left wondering what your inspiration is and has been.

    My initial impression is that (particularly since you repeatedly convey your thoughts in poetic form) you may be speaking from a place of both literal and metaphorical meaning. There seems to be an intended symmetry or juxtaposition of physical reality and abstract imagery (if this contemplation even makes sense to you). I’m intrigued by what you’re saying. You’re creative explorations are thoughtful and evocative.

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    1. You’re not far off. This particular piece is a combination of trying to describe a panic attack, as well as the real implies impending death. I always try to make what I describe as vivid as possible to convey the emotions, thoughts, feelings and everything in between. I always appreciate your insights. It’s not very often people can see beyond the words and see what I’m doing specifically. That said, in terms of where I get my ideas, I’m not really sure. Sometimes it starts with a particular word I want to use, or a situation. In this case it was the desperation of panic and the parallels with death.

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