Through every cry
and every whimper,
I felt helpless,
because I couldn’t
save you.
It was never up to me.

© Sarah Doughty

I apologize for no Him post today.
This week has been fraught with migraines
and other pressing matters that haven’t
allowed an adequate amount of time
to put my full effort into a new installment.
I promise to be back next week.

45 thoughts on “Powerless”

    1. Springtime equals big weather changes. Especially in Indiana. Barometric pressure plays a part in triggering them and making them last longer. Plus some food and other triggers I have no control over. Sigh. I hope your wife is alright this spring.

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    1. Oh I wasn’t really worrying, it’s just that people seem to be used to the idea of a new installment on Saturdays. So a quick note that it wasn’t coming would suffice. I wasn’t expecting so much of an outpouring of well wishes. I am very grateful for that. 😊

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      1. You’re right. It is better to write when you feel able to write something that would make you happy too. Take some time off, though, get a chance to recharge and rest. Good to know you’re feeling better though. Hope you are completely recovered soon. Take care!

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      2. Unfortunately I’m never completely recovered. I constantly have a headache if it’s not am all out migraine. And usually those headaches are the level, that the slightest trigger will set off a migraine. Another downside is that I don’t have any warning. One second it’s just a headache, the next I’m in so much pain I can’t think straight. Sigh. 💕

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      3. Goodness!! Then I hope you find relief and soon. There must be a solution that will take away even the headache. Sending hugs and prayers your way, my friend. At least I hope the migraines stay away.

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      4. I hope you get through spring with good health and much reduced pain. It is sad that such a bright season should be a cause for discomfort to you. Hope you get through it alright. Hugs and prayers!

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