Quiet Violence

It was the violence
behind your quiet,
dead eyes that sent
terror through me.

© Sarah Doughty


31 thoughts on “Quiet Violence”

      1. I ALWAYS get those two mixed up – can’t separate them, so I use the less known term, ponerologists, although technically speaking that applies more to people in leadership roles, like abusive parents, or Stalin, or that dictator of North Korea or the inbred Saudi royals.

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      2. Well, I never heard of ponerology. Yes, a sociopath is someone who thinks normal codes of conduct do not apply to him because he thinks he is special. People often mistakenly say psychopath so we know what they mean even though it is incorrect. Someone who is psychotic is someone who is ill enough to be diagnosed as mentally ill. In other words some people may be neurotic but if they are overly nervous enough to be diagnosed as mentally ill to the point of being out of touch with reality then they would be a neurotic psychotic.

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      3. This may be the first time it’s been explained in a way I can understand the difference, and it’s actually huge. I should be able to remember this distinction now!!! Thank you very much, indeed. Ponerology can be found on the Internet. What I mean is, its definition… although there may be ponerologists on the Internet as well… 🙂

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