Broken Wings

These broken wings
might never fly again,
but that doesn’t mean
I’m finished.

© Sarah Doughty


41 thoughts on “Broken Wings”

  1. Sorry but this reminds me of an old joke: If a fly has no wings, do you call it a walk? Alright, perhaps irrelevant, but I remember reading thoughts like, “If I can’t fly, then I’ll walk. When I can’t walk any longer then I’ll crawl.” Determination. I like that. Some people, as Lee Child would write, are born fighters. They know fear, but they don’t know to turn and run, it’s just not in their DNA. They face whatever and don’t back down. One way or the other, these are the ones who win in the end. It’s my honour to know you, Lady Sarah!

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    1. Wow, thank you. I wouldn’t say it’s in my DNA to turn and run. My response is usually to freeze, or in rare cases, prepare to defend myself.

      I watched the seventh season finale of Criminal Minds the other night, and JJ (a female agent) was forced to fight a psychotic and sociopathic woman that was using her toddler as leverage. After taking many hits, she still kicked ass to protect her son.

      If my son was in danger, I’d fight to the death if I had to. Just to keep him safe. I often don’t feel that strong about myself. But moments like that (and what you said) remind me that I have more of that strength than I realize. Thank you for that.


  2. You ever have the experience of reading something with serious subject matter and the only reply you can think of is “You should see Hiccup about that, maybe he could rig something up for you”? Really have been spending too much time in Toddler Land. Ok, ramble over, but your strength is inspirational 🙂

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      1. So glad you knew who I was referring to! And I know, I have the same shortsightedness when it comes to my positive traits as well. But they are there, all the same.

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