See You Again

When you said,
“One day, I’ll see
you again,”
I didn’t know it
would be this long.

© Sarah Doughty

Also, I updated the My Books section of my site.
Have a look and let me know what you think.


25 thoughts on “See You Again”

  1. Your short snappers say so much. When I read them I “listen” to the feelings they engender. Amazing. Read them in the morning, they say one thing; read them in the evening, they say another. Perhaps they should be put into a book, perhaps with little hand-drawn illustrations to go along. (PS: halfway through “Home” – fascinating piece of work.)

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    1. Ah, that’s amazing, Sha’Tara. Thank you! I’m so happy you are enjoying the books (I’m assuming you read Just Breathe and Focus already?)

      Thank you for the kind words about my little poems. I do try to pack as much emotion as possible into them, while still leaving them open enough for the reader to insert their own interpretations.

      I wish I could draw well enough to make little illustrations, but it is a lovely idea. I’m working on a chapbook right now, actually, but I wasn’t planning on adding anything but the poetry. I am designing Tarot cards for a short story anthology I’m working on that involve some drawing. I’ll have to see what I come up with for the next chapbook. 😊


      1. As a “geometry freak” drawing to me means just filling space with spheres, triangles, interconnected lines in endless combinations. Basically what I “see” along with your poems would be such Euclidean forms on a page, usually with the poem on the inside. Problem with that, obviously, is that Euclidean geometry isn’t about feelings… so that wouldn’t work – forget it. You’d need sketches of heart shapes, clouds, flowers, tree silhouettes, cute animal silhouettes (I also love silhouettes!) Oh, just thinking with my fingers here. No, I haven’t read the other novels yet – I also usually read series backwards – well most of my life is backward anyway, I’ve accepted that now. When I first encountered traffic lights (none where I grew up, that came later) I had to literally pull over at the side of the highway (in Prince George, B.C – still vividly remember that!) so I could figure out how to proceed through the very first ones I saw. I’d passed the written test, no problem – that was an intellectual enterprise – but the real life thing, that was a shocker. Red or green? Which was which? Go or stop? So I just matched the moving traffic with the changing lights, figured out which said “go” and which, “stop” and except for rare exceptions later, and even today, I can tell which is which. I must, I just retired from 42 years of professional driving at Coca Cola and no accident, ever! Being backward makes one cautious, I think, and that can be a good thing. I know I’ll enjoy your other novels in backward order. The characters whom I’ve now “re-invented” to fit “Home” will come to life in another way. No problem!

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      2. Well, that’s wonderful. I’m happy you’re enjoying it. I wrote them in hopes that anyone could read them in any order and know what was happening. I really appreciate that. And congratulations on never having an accident!


      1. Yes – and it looks great! I’ve seen some chaotic blogs/pages out there… and being a bit of a designer, it pains me! I almost want to contact them and say, ‘hey, can I help you with that??’ But I think that would probably sound completely offensive! 😀

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      2. Absolutely! I would love to help any way I can. I swear I started those weekly perk posts because I wanted to create a new coffee logo every other week. And I always want to redesign my blog so I can make more graphics! 😀

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