Ghost Of You

Your spirit once
haunted me.
I felt it everywhere.
But now, my heart aches
from your absence.

© Sarah Doughty


27 thoughts on “Ghost Of You”

      1. The rest of my comment was cut off (darn HTML tags). Here’s the rest, including the punctuation:

        ) to change suggestions; you seem eager to engage your readers in conversation.

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      2. No worries, it happens. And yes, I’m always up for discussion. Once in awhile someone (usually Sha’Tara) will notice something that isn’t correct, and I fix them. But in other cases such as this one, I worded it the way I did on purpose. I have no qualms over someone offering potential changes, and often I’ll discuss why I will take their suggestions and change it, or why I choose to keep them as is. Not many people realize that poets and writers in general will often do things on purpose with a specific goal in mind. But of course this also reminds me of a teacher I had in middle school, she thought EVERYTHING, right down to the color of the curtains was done on purpose. Now, I can’t speak for every writer, but in most cases, the color of curtains is just that. No underlying meaning. Sometimes (as I do in my books) I will do certain things on purpose, especially names. I might say someone has billowy linen curtains because that’s just her style, but I’m not giving subliminal messages.

        Okay, I went way off on a tangent there. Basically, yes, I’m always up for engaging conversation. 😊

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