Flash and Micro Fiction, Him

Him Part Sixteen

I didn’t come.

But god, how I wanted to.

His kiss was beyond anything I ever imagined and he kept kissing me, driving me higher with that sweet taste.

I whimpered when he leaned back to pull off his shirt and I let my gaze travel over his pale skin. Then I froze. There were raised white scars all over his toned flesh. And it was otherwise so smooth, it would have shimmered against the moonlight.

Without thinking, I reached out and ran my fingers over his skin. I sucked in a breath as my heated fingertips met his cool flesh. He felt even better that I imagined.

“What happened to you?” I breathed before I realized I even wanted to speak.

A small smile spread across Michael’s lips and my eyes flickered up to watch. They were wet and slightly swollen after kissing and for an instant, I forgot what I was thinking. “I’ve lived a long time. These happened before…,” he trailed off.

“Before you became a vampire?”

He nodded, watching me with those stormy blue eyes, assessing my reaction.

I didn’t doubt his words. I knew he wasn’t lying to me. I saw enough that day to know that everything my grandmother ever told me was true.

And the more that I thought about it, the more it made sense that I was a complete virgin.

It was because I never met a vampire before that day. I didn’t need my fortune read by my grandmother and her trusty Tarot deck to know that Michael was the one I was searching for my entire life.

The whole concept of love at first sight was foreign to me, and my mind kept flickering to small denials that it was insane to think I could love so fast. Be captivated so completely.

It was mind blowing.

But the more I thought about it, the more I could feel it in my bones.

Michael was much more than a man. More than a vampire. Even though I never met him before that day, somehow, he felt like he was mine.

The concept of ownership was foreign to me, but yet when I thought the words, they felt right. Completely right.

I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t explain it. But I knew in that moment I would never be the same again.

“You must have lived a very dangerous life before you turned.” I tilted my head to the side, “Is that even the right term for it…?” I trailed off as I caught the glimmer of humor in his eyes.

His smile widened at my reaction and he chuckled. “Something like that.”

My gaze dropped to his mouth again and all the humor fell away from his features. In the next instant, if I would have blinked, I would have missed his movement.

The distance between us closed so fast, I gasped when his mouth claimed mine once more and he picked me up, moving with the same intense speed, until I felt like I was lying on a cloud with him on top of me, still kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

That was when I realized that somewhere along the way from the door to the bed, my shirt was gone and I felt the clasp of my bra open from behind me.

But then Michael froze and pulled back enough to look down at me.

I clawed with mindless abandon at his back, not realizing what he was doing, and then I caught the flash in his eyes and stopped.

“Are you sure, Tessa?” he asked, low.

The concern in his features took my breath away and I reached for his face, feeling the tiniest hint of stubble and kept my eyes locked with his.

I breathed, “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

© Sarah Doughty

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Stay tuned for more.

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