Wicked Game

You played a wicked
game with my heart,
but you didn’t know
you were playing with
fire instead of ice.

Β© Sarah Doughty


30 thoughts on “Wicked Game”

  1. Smiled at the last line. Men don’t realize woman that women are smarter these days. Also, I did receive a few emails earlier. I checked my gmail, but I haven’t received any in quite a while. I don’t want to miss your posts. I love your poetry and your blog. ❀

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      1. The title and prompt was in reference to the song, but the words are mine, they aren’t a part of the lyrics. But I suppose ‘you played a wicked game’ was a part of the lyrics.


      2. Yeah, it was just the title that put it in my head. I must have listened to the song hundreds of times in my life, lol. I don’t think that’s part of the lyrics. You’re golden!

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