21 thoughts on “Satisfaction”

  1. I’d argue that flattery doesn’t have to be negative. That’s the thing about language and the use of it on a site that includes people from around the world. I personally like it more with the inclusion of “false”.

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    1. Yes, people can offer flattery while being genuine. But when they go over the top just to gain something that they wouldn’t otherwise receive is wrong. I’m often told I’m too kind, and when people are nice to me, I will help them, but eventually I notice when they’re doing it for their own benefit. And that’s not right at all. Thank you, J. πŸ’•

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      1. Exactly. That’s what I meant by my comment. Without the word “false”, I don’t think I would have understood you use of flattery correctly. You’re intention is clear and it speaks volumes 😦

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  2. In the spirit of word meanings only, not a judgment of your neat piece, but wouldn’t “false flattery” be a positive statement since “flattery” by itself is already a negative and two negatives make a positive? Flattery means excessive or insincere praise. The reverse… would be that false flattery becomes “compliment.”
    Take out the “false” and see what happens: it strengthens your grip on the kapow! And we all know you love expressing in “kapows!”

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