Then And Now

When I was younger,
I felt free, giddy in love,
and looked forward with a smile.
Now I’m trapped in my mind,
fearing the day you will leave,
and hoping I’ll live long enough
to see the future.

© Sarah Doughty


26 thoughts on “Then And Now”

      1. When you write, Sarah, you set free something wild and untamed in your readers. Each one will interpret the words as they see fit – that’s not your responsibility: yours is to write and continue to tear open those prison doors. Whether the prisoners stay in their cells, or where they wander if they dare leave, that’s up to them.

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    1. “Age” should never be measured in physical years, and neither should wisdom. Some people are born “old” with understanding that surpasses many twice or three times their years. If you “know” then that’s it: you KNOW.

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      1. According to mythology, the “Immortals” were not a happy bunch. Too much like being stuck as one character in an endlessly running soap opera. Give me a choice and I choose infinity, with all its attendant drama of endless change, of bad choices, dead ends, re-starts, pleasant surprises and once in a while, a truly incredible ride through the timeless. Just a thought…

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      2. I used to have that same terror, then after surviving a “near death” experience, and having the luck of the draw to attract “Teachers” (some call them guides) into my life I saw it completely differently. When I first encountered the truth that nothing actually dies, and more advanced types like us can actually determine our beyond death realities, it was like, wow! So I decided then I’d be outta here by age fifty. So far I’ve miscalculated by nineteen years, so I call these post-fifty years my “sudden death overtime” years. Since this is all extra allocated time, I chose to make it count by turning my life to service rather than to self-seeking. It’s been a roller-coaster experience but service, that’s definitely for me. Next time around it’s going to be all service, nothing for myself. That’s where real joy resides: in service, in giving. For me now, life only makes sense when I give my time and energy away. These post-fifty years have been the best of my life, by far. It amazes me how so many of the old “spiritual” teachings were so on the money. Anyway death holds no terror now and my bags are packed for the eagerly awaited journey. When I get the call I’ll be on that “universal taxi” so fast I’ll be a blur! It’s good chatting with you, Sarah, take care o’ you.

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      1. All right… believe… and faith: two words I taught myself to reject entirely as having any power to do anything except make one passive and dependent. Believe in what? Faith in what? My question was actually rhetorical: how do you replace hope with certainty? Answer: with self-empowerment. Because once self-empowered, whatever happens it’s within your power to deal with it, no longer blaming anyone else for the outcome. It’s taking responsibility for “all of it.” Still, those powerless words do come in handy in poetry because so much poetry emerges from the emotional nature and man remains an emotional animal.

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