Your future was fogged
with uncertainty and pain,
but my heart was the beacon
calling you home.

© Sarah Doughty


27 thoughts on “Beacon”

  1. Your future was fogged
    uncertainty and pain
    but my heart was your beacon
    calling you home once again

    I always new your love wasnt far away
    it was your suffering and needing you home once again.

    I read your poem so beautifuly written to
    and these words flowed into my head
    and I wrote them for you
    it was a pleasure reading your poetry
    and thankyou for looking at mine too.

    from kevin. well done Sarah.

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  2. As ever, your poetry is beautiful. I feel as if it speaks to every one of us. 💕 Thank you for continuing to write and also putting up with me 🙂

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  3. I felt it like a haze
    Like a foggy uncertain daze
    You know I love you like hell
    But it was all ablaze!

    I don’t know if it is worthy but these are the words that instantly jumped on my laptop as a result of your moving words! 🙂
    Really touching, Sarah! 🙂

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