49 thoughts on “Dancing”

  1. This instantly gave me a good slap back to reality.
    True enough, most times we were too devoted on making others shine and making them a priority that we lost ourselves somewhere along the way.

    Very well-written.

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  2. This really hit home for me. I think sometimes we can be so afraid of being selfish that we don’t honor ourselves. It’s sort of a revelation, really… it’s probably a huge contributor to my lack of confidence and sometimes happiness. Okay, this may make me cry, too. I’m going to stop typing now.

    Wonderful words… as always.

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  3. This instantly brought me to tears. I discovered this to be true for me, the hard way. It’s hard to get back the time you lose when you live through someone else. I’m getting there though.

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      1. Yeah, yeah, it’s just crazy how sometimes we dance in other people’s dreams and we’re so happy in there but one day is like a veil lifts and you realize their dream is so big and pretty and yours is neglected and nothing. This is my year of dancing in my own dream. I hope it grows.

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