You coursed through
my bloodstream
like a drug and warmed
me from within,
heating my nerves
with a wanton fever.
As it boiled over,
I poured it right back
into you and set
your soul aflame.

Β© Sarah Doughty


20 thoughts on “Aflame”

  1. You came to my blog once awhile back and today I was going through old posts and saw your name and realized i never sought you out in kind. I have 2 blogs – one which is very heavy about my grandsons father in prison. You came to my watch and whirl blog and on It I often print poetry I write and also piano music I write and record. It is usually pain, not happiness that leads me to write. It helps to put my emotions in a tangle form. I wanted to tell you that I understood what you wrote and to thank you for writing it.

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