When you look at me
it feels like my heart
is floating away,
headed straight for you.
Even though I know
you’ll crush it
right in front of me,
I just can’t bring
myself to care.

© Sarah Doughty


23 thoughts on “Caring”

    1. No, I don’t really question that. Being raw and open is one of the ways I am able to purge the thoughts in my mind. It is therapeutic for me. It’s not easy, and not for everyone. But then again, not everything I write is from personal experience — it’s sometimes an expression of the human condition.

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  1. When God looks your way, flaws but beauty too, ‘She is good’ he whispers while singing over you…
    Take heart doll 🙂 *hugs from the other side of the screen*

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  2. Dear friend…..these are words (spoken much more simply and beautifully) that have been repeated over and over and over again in my heart these past weeks. Broken and beautiful.

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