One Look

All it takes is one glance
for someone to judge.
Without knowing me,
people dislike me.
Because of the way I look.

© Sarah Doughty


40 thoughts on “One Look”

  1. Yep went into a shop asking about Sandlewood the lady thought I could not afford it. As was dressed in department store jumper . So just said we only sell the real stuff not the artificial stuff your kind buy…
    What was annoying truly I was buying it as aroma therapy for the lady I was with daughter as she is looking at being diagnosed with Cancer of the womb.
    So once I had seen my friend to her train I went in and put the shop assistant straight. That should I wish I could buy her precious shop. That she had been rude to someone that would have benefited from the therapies that she claimed to be selling unbelievable !!!

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  2. I wish this were not a truth in our world. The way we are judged by our appearance rather than what’s in our heart…..which is what truly matters. You are stunning! And are so beautifully and powerfully gifted.

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  3. The world sees skin only Sarah. But you glow here very brightly and it is the person within that matters. In a skin deep world it is wonerful to be something more. Barbie is the standard of todays beauty and in my view that is shooting low

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      1. Not immediately, off the top of my head. I wish wp had a facility for such things and/or an instant messenger. Also: I am preparing to spin off ANOTHER blog, this one focused specifically on writing and writers. You are one of the people I would like to frequently reblog there. I like your work.

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