Hear Me

For the longest time,
my song was a quiet
whispering on the wind,
but now it’s calling
through the din,
desperate for you
to hear me.

© Sarah Doughty


20 thoughts on “Hear Me”

    1. Poetry is poetry, but often, if a poem is super short, especially for places like Twitter, calling them micro poems (thus micropoetry) is common. I tend to use that designation when the entire poem can be used in a tweet. I don’t know if there’s any particular rule or designation that defines them. Thanks for reading and I’m happy you enjoyed them. 😊


  1. Thanks for liking my excerpt, I`m glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes when I write- it could be a book I`m writing, a poem, a blog it is like I`m trying to use my written words to call out to people. As in my excerpt, I try to tell people not to be afraid that, in the words of Winston Churchil during WW2 “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” I hope people hear our words, whatever we need to say.

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