Flash and Micro Fiction, Him

Him Part Two

Though his eyes were a deep, grayish blue that captivated me and his dark blond hair flopped into his eyes, darkening them with mystery, it was everything else about him that heated the blood pumping through my veins.

The beginnings of a beard darkened his strong jaw that looked like it was chiseled from stone. Those perfect lips looked like they tasted better than anything I could imagine, and as I let my eyes travel down, the blood coursing through me heated several more degrees.

He was taller than me by nearly a foot and even through his shirt, I could see a peppering of hair disappearing into the neckline. See the the muscles beneath. I could tell how strong he was without seeing his flesh.

I wanted to see all of him. Every last inch of him, unhindered by the clothing that clung to him like a second skin.

And at the same time, I wanted to taste every inch of him. Feel every bit of what he could do to me.

My mouth watered from the mere thought of running my tongue over him. Then that tiny smile lifted a fraction before his eyes dropped to my lips as I licked them reflexively.

His eyes darkened moments before slowly lifting back up to meet mine.

“Hi, there,” he drawled.

I was amazed my legs didn’t collapse beneath me at the sound of his voice traveling down my body like a caress.

© Sarah Doughty

This is part 2 of Him. Read part 1 here.
Want to read the whole thing in one place? Click here.
Stay tuned for more.

This was also published at UInk.ca.

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