I’m Back

My inkwell is
tapped dry from
the drought of
misfortune and
overbearing shadows.
Yet here I am,
plugging away,
forcing every last bit
— every last drop —
from my fingertips.
That’s when I begin
to feel it refilling
as if a waterfall
of black liquid
poured in and
began to beat
from my heart
once more.

Β© Sarah Doughty


28 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. The way I read it was a bit different, it reminded me of when you let go of the darkness inside yourself and then become filled with all the ideas that come from somewhere. That place, I’m not sure of.

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  2. Hello again Sarah

    I agree with you, no way we can translate novels into Spanish, not for free either!

    I told you poems, the ones you already shared in your blog! They are already available to the public.

    If you have a sample of 10, we will check them and translate them into spanish for free! Then share it with schools and universities.

    I read some of your work here in your blog, and it fits!

    I will not insist anymore! Nice meeting you!

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  3. Hello again Sarah
    I guess you are right! And I undertand your concern. Our aim is educational material in Spanish for Latin America schools.

    We are based in Canada and we do English and French.

    We are looking for writers who will share their work with Latin America! That is why I told you it should be bilingual. We will translate your poem into spanish!
    The ebook will be available in this Spanish website.

    The books are not sold! Just share! We do not sell! We need the permit of the writer to publish and you can use the ebook to promote yourself aming spanish population.

    Let me know what you think

    Let me know if you wish to

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  4. Hello Sarah

    Do you publish books! Get 10 smalls poems and lets translate them to spanish and publish a booklet!

    We only do free material! Just for promotion not for sale!

    If interested, let me know thou shall dare and I will ride with thee into the eworld of magic!

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      1. Dear Sarah!

        We publish free ebooks! You will retaine the rights as the author, we dont not charge for this service, no hidden costs either.

        Do not answer now, just think about it!

        Carlos Soto

        Send me your email and I will send you a copy od a sample book! For free! No charge!


      2. I’m currently using Smashwords for this service and they don’t charge to distribute to online retailers. I checked out the website and there’s not even an option to read it in English.


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