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Significance Of Storms


Storms are special. I love that charge that fills the air as those ominous clouds roll in at highway speeds.

I love watching the wind grow closer, dancing with the trees and feeling the warm air against my skin as the first of the clouds pass overhead.

As it travels over me, it’s like watching the sky make love to the land.

Those flashes of light, the cries of the rumbling thunder, all giving way to rain. It’s an unending release, begging for more.

Seeing those bolts of lightning arc across the sky and down to the ground below with no discernible direction or purpose, it’s like the world is taking a picture, electrified with heat and energy.

In those moments, I’m illuminated by it. I’m part of that instant in time. And if I’m lucky enough to feel the first warm rain drops hit my face, I remember. I remember those moments we spent together, creating our own storms.

Storms where every caress was a jolt of electricity, the sounds we made were eruptions of thunder, and when we came together, it was earth shattering. Like no other feeling in the world.

Those moments at the beginning of every storm are when I feel closest to you.

© Sarah Doughty

This was also published at UInk.ca.


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