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Like Magic

Like Magic

She spends her nights hunched over the keys of her typewriter, tap, tap, tapping away. Words flow out of her faster than she can type them, but she tries to keep up.

Tap, tap, slide to a new line.

With every new page comes a new adventure, new sights and experiences that only she can bring. Page after page, she writes. Year after year, she excels.

Tap, tap, slide to a new line.

She weaves her stories layer by layer, twist after tragedy, tragedy by twist. Casts a spell. Images spill from her mind onto the page. Ink envelops white in a warm embrace.

Tap, tap, slide to a new line.

The images lie in wait on the pages until eyes slide over them like warm butter on toast, then explode in the mind’s eye like fireworks. Vivid and bright. Altered, yet intact.

Tap, tap, slide to a new line.

Bringing with them sound, taste, smell, and touch. Maybe even confusing those senses in favor of a better picture. That’s what it’s all about. Brilliant and pure. Like magic.

Just over a year ago I started writing for me and sharing it with the world. This was one of my first stories.

© Sarah Doughty


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