Flash and Micro Fiction

Baited And Lost

You were like bait on a hook, your eyes captivated me like nothing ever before. I was mesmerized by that infinite blue of your gaze.

Heat crawled up my neck as my vision turned red. You knew exactly what to say to push me on edge, wake me up, even from anger. But I lost every fight, because you were always one step ahead.

Despite the fact that you drove me mad, I knew, even then you were someone I would never forget. And maybe, if I was being honest with myself, I didn’t hate you. You caught my heart before I realized it was hooked.

Maybe I loved you all along.

© Sarah Doughty


5 thoughts on “Baited And Lost”

      1. I can send you promo booklets in pdf with the first chapter or two if you like. They’re free, so you could easily download and read a little and decide if you want to continue reading.


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